Where Should You Play Video Games to Enhance Your Performance?

Finding the perfect place to carry out your gaming sessions is one of the first steps to getting a better performance when you play. The following are some of the main points that you should take into account.    

Look for Privacy and Peace

You won’t want to be disturbed when you are immersed in a game that requires total concentration and fast reactions. This means that finding a part of the house where you can play with peace and total privacy is ideal.

A study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience showed that expert gamers are more able to block out distractions and use their brain efficiently than other people.  Yet, that doesn’t mean that you can just start playing in any sort of busy, noise setting without any problems.   

Adding essential oils to your room can help relaxation also.

Some gamers are happy doing this in their bedroom, while others need to look to the attic or basement to find the sort of privacy that they need. It really just depends upon the house and the people you share it with.  Be sure to give the space a trial run before carrying out any major work to turn it into a gaming room.  

Stay Close to the Window

There are a couple of good reasons for staying close to a window. This will help you to breathe in fresh air and also to receive natural sunlight as you play your games. Both of these things are linked to feeling good and having more energy, which makes them important for gamers. 

You will want the option of closing the curtains when the sun is too strong, but remember that playing in the dark can strain your eyes. Having said that, there is no evidence that doing this causes any long term damage to your eyes.    

No matter where you place your PC or console, you should make sure that you use a proper gaming chair. The fact that it can be raised, lowered and customised in other ways means that it can be set up to suit your posture perfectly.      

Consider a Shared Gaming Room

Could playing with a friend or another member of your family help you to turn in improved performances? Some gamers find that playing alone helps them, while others are more motivated when they have company.

A survey carried out a few years ago by Forbes and Qualtrics found that two thirds of gamers prefer to play on their own rather than with others. Yet, there are gamers who like the idea of turning their sessions into social experiences. Whether it improves your performance probably depends upon your own preferences, so it is maybe something to give a try before making a final decision. 

A shared gaming room will probably be set up in a more spacious part of the house. You also have to bear in mind the need for extra electrical sockets when compared to solo play.       

Take Your Equipment Outside

The final suggestion is something that perhaps many gamers never even considered. Yet, taking your games outside is a great way to get fresh air and some sunshine as you play.

Of course, whether this can be done easily depends upon the set-up of the house and the equipment that you use. Not everyone is able to play outside, but it is definitely worth looking into your options in this respect.   Some can take their gaming chair with speakers outside if it his wireless connection availability.

This approach also means that it is easier to rest your eyes by changing your focus. Looking at some flowers or whatever else is near you is a good way of giving your eyes a break, which means that you can then start gaming again feeling fresher.   


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