What to Do With Constructive Criticism

Your boss calls a meeting or someone on your teams asks for a minute.

All of this leads up to some constructive criticism on something you can improve upon.

It’s not easy for everyone to accept feedback on things they need to improve. However, listening to someone who truly wants to help you and your company thrive can give you a leg up at work.

Here’s a few ways you can use constructive criticism to better your skills and efficiency at work:

Listen To What They Say

Taking criticism is a humbling experience.

Usually our mind starts to jump around and can become defensive when someone starts offering advice.

The best thing to do is to shut down those initial thoughts and truly listen to the person in front of you.

That way, you can look back at the conversation and analyze what they said to see how it applies to you.

Say Thank You and Ask Questions

Feedback can be extremely valuable to your career, especially if you truly use it. Your bosses and teams will be more impressed if you take criticism well instead of ignoring it.

Telling the person thank you can show respect and that you value their opinions and advice.

More than likely, they’ve been running the conversation in their head as much as you will after hearing it. Especially if they’re coming from a place where they want to help you improve.

Be sure to ask them questions to help clarify anything you may be confused about.

Remember to leave any defensiveness out of your conversation.

Follow Up

If you’ve been working on any criticism, offer to meet up with your coworker or schedule a meeting with your boss to go over your progress.

They’ll appreciate that you took them seriously and you can work on getting affirmation that you are improving and working hard.

Constructive criticism doesn’t have to be feared. It could be a gateway to a promotion, work place respect, and great relationships with your coworkers.


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