The Health Benefits of Rescuing an Animal

It’s no secret that animals have healing powers; they have been known to improve lives and are even used as a component in therapy.

Rescuing a pet is not only saving an animal’s life, it is providing additional benefits to a person’s well-being.

For that reason, consider adopting instead of buying an animal at a pet store or from a breeder.

The Benefits of Adopting

Sharing a life with a pet you rescued can lead to:

A sense of purpose. Giving a homeless animal a safe and happy life is fulfilling.

Increased self-esteem. Caring for another living being is a big job, and it feels good to do it responsibly.

Reduced anxiety. Studies have shown that living with an animal can decrease stress and anxiety. Some war veterans with PTSD have been able to function normally with the help of an animal.

A shot of optimism. Seeing an abused or neglected animal grow and develop in your nurturing home inspires hope.

Improved physical health. Studies have shown that having a pet can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Did you also know that dogs have detected cancer and can sometimes predict seizures in their humans?

Where to Find Your New Adoptable

You can visit a shelter in your area to begin your search. If you need help, here are some resources:
Petfinder is an online database of adoptable pets, with listings from over 12,000 adoption groups.

Adopt-a- is a non-profit website that helps humane societies, pet rescues, and other pet adoption agencies display their adoptable animals to a wider audience.

Although the ASPCA adoption center is located in New York City, the website has a section that will help non-New York residents find adoptable pets in their areas.

All Paws is set up like an online dating site, with a search engine that allows access to over 200,000 adoptable pets.

The PETSMART Charities website allows you to search by adoptable pets in your area or find events at your local PETSMART retail stores.

The saying, “Who Rescued Who?”, packs a lot of meaning into a few words. Adopting a pet benefits both the rescued and the rescuer.

Find a furry, feathered, or scaly pet at a shelter.

You’ve just saved a life and gained a new friend; what doesn’t feel good about that?

Check out the options above or visit your local shelter to find your new soulmate.


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