Summer Tips for Getting in Shape

ith the summer months comes the time of year in which people strive to get in shape in order to look good at the beach or when they’re hanging out at the pool.

People all over the world make resolutions to exercise and diet so they are looking their best when the time comes to have fun in the sun.

Exercise Outdoors

For people who live in an area with cold winters, the summer offers the chance to take your exercise routine outside. The warm weather presents numerous avenues for exercising and getting in shape while enjoying being out in the sun.

Swimming, biking and hiking are all activities that are perfect for summer weather. In particular, swimming is nice because it makes for an excellent cardio workout while simultaneously keeping you cool.

Whether you own your own pool or have access to a friend’s pool or a public pool, swimming is something to keep in mind during your summer exercise efforts.

Other outdoor sports such as kayaking, canoeing and golfing all present themselves as fun ways to fit exercise into your schedule. If you aren’t feeling as adventurous but still want to exercise, going for a walk or a run in the evenings are other great options.

Regardless of your preferences, the summer makes for an excellent time to get outside and exercise.

Healthy Summer Foods

Another great way to get in shape during the summer is to think of some seasonal healthy food ideas.

Recently the Food Network offered some suggestions for food choices that are both healthy and perfect to enjoy on a fine summer day. In particular, they noted the turkey burger as a healthy alternative to hamburgers.

Grilling up some tasty turkey burgers is an excellent way to enjoy this classic entrée while cutting out some of the fat and calories a red meat burger traditionally features.

Sticking with the grill theme, grilled chicken and vegetables are two other tasty options for eating healthy this summer. Chicken is high in protein, low in fat and can be flavored in numerous ways.

Spicy chicken, sweet chicken and barbeque are just a few popular choices. Delish featured a list of over 27 recipes for grilled chicken that includes a lemon and oregano marinade as well as a recipe for grilled chicken burgers.

In terms of vegetables, corn, green beans and squash all make excellent side dishes or entrees when cooked on a grill. Wrapping them in tin foil and cooking them in this manner is much healthier than frying them in a pan or other cooking methods.

If you are looking to get in shape this summer, getting outside for some exercise and eating better are the way to go.

Try incorporating these fitness tips and healthy meal ideas into your schedule this summer!


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