Simplify Your Home: Let Go of Clutter By Giving it to Someone Else

Letting go of possessions, especially if they have a special meaning or took work to acquire, is not always an easy process. If necessary, take a few steps to determine what you will get rid of:

Recognize your reasons for simplifying

You want to host get-togethers but don’t have space for your friends, or you are moving to a smaller home that won’t accommodate all of your belongings.

Determine what you can part with

Let go of obligation and superficial attachment. Keep the items you need and use, as well as those that bring you true pleasure. Get rid of everything else.

Remember that it will be used for good

Sometimes it’s easier to get rid of something when you know it will be loved by someone else.

Knowing that your belongings are going to a good cause can help ease the guilt of giving away the birthday gift you didn’t like in the first place and the dresser that you swore you were going to refinish.

Where to Donate

There are many options when it comes to donating tangible items. All it takes is a quick online search, and you can find international, national, and local entities that need your help.

The Salvation Army has drop-off locations, or you can schedule a pick-up in certain areas.

The Rotary Foundation accepts donations of certain items; their guidelines can be found on the website.

The Purple Heart Foundation will pick up clothing and other items from your home.

Local homeless shelters will often take clothing that is in good condition, as well as household items.

Animal shelters often take gently used blankets for bedding and new or gently used pet supplies.

When it comes time to clean up your clutter, taking a few simple steps will help you get it out of your home and into the hands of someone who needs it.

  • 1. Determine what your goal is for your living space.
  • 2. Figure out what you actually need, prioritize your wants, and then gather up the items that can go.
  • 3. Use the links above or search for a charity that accepts tangible items.
  • 4. Let go and smile, because you just helped someone else.


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