Relax and Delay Aging With Yoga

Time seems to be going by so quickly, and it is already June. As we are half way through the year, it is the perfect time to slow down and take more time for ourselves.

I have recently discovered an exercise that not only helps you relax buy also delays the aging process.

Yoga is the way

It is Yoga. I have always liked doing yoga, but as I get older, I find that practicing yoga is even more beneficial to my well-being. 

In doing some research and talking to several yoga instructors, I was amazed at how many ways a consistent yoga practice can improve our health.

Most of us know that yoga improves our flexibility and balance. However, some benefits of yoga that you may not be aware of are that yoga also improves blood circulation and cardiovascular endurance.

It also helps with stomach problems and helps improve our immune system. It balances our metabolism and makes it easier to maintain a healthier weight and control hunger.

Yoga helps provide consistent energy during the day and a more restful sleep at night.

Yoga is not only great for the internal and external body, though, it also has many emotional health benefits.

Consistent yoga practice provides a feeling of overall well-being, stress reduction and fewer feelings of anxiety.

I don’t think I ever actually understood that yoga massages all of our body’s organs and internal glands.

Because yoga massages our organs and helps increase circulation, it helps our liver detoxify and helps provide our body with more nourishment.

Yoga provides a strong mind-body connection that results in a healthier body and a happier outlook on life.

The more I learn about yoga’s benefits, the more I want to make sure that I take the time to slow down and enjoy a more consistent yoga practice.

We have even purchased some new yoga DVDs and have had the whole family do yoga before dinner. It is quite comical, and we have to move a bit of furniture to make it work, but it is well worth it.

What do you enjoy the most with your yoga practice?


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