Organize Your Bathroom For Stress-Free Mornings

This is going to sound silly, but one of the best gifts you can give yourself in the New Year is an automated bathroom.

When I say automated, I mean everything is where you need, when you need it.

Let’s face it– the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and one that is used to the point of exhaustion. It should be the most efficient space in your home but it’s a space that usually causes the most hiccups.

Whether you share your bathroom with a few folks or it’s just yourself, once it’s organized, you’re never going to want to leave.

Having a decluttered bathroom also helps to save money as it will prevent you from buying duplicates that expire before you have a chance to use them. Here are my best solutions for getting your bathroom into shape.

Schedule it

Every night before going to bed, my husband and I discuss who is going to be using the bathroom at what time in the morning.

Because our morning schedules are always changing—this is super important so that one of us isn’t rushing to get ready in a one-bathroom household.

Being on the same page about sharing the bathroom improves our relationship because it’s one less thing to argue about.

Get ready in another space

If you are sharing a bathroom, have a station set up in the bedroom or a space that makes sense. That way, you can both get ready in a timely fashion.

Make it routine

Create a 5-minute make-up routine so that you’re not spending an hour getting ready each morning. There are so many how-to videos online to help you figure out what you need for a simple and quick morning prep.


The bathroom gets clogged up with so many things you never use. Items to purge now are;

  • Items you haven’t used in a year
  • Anything expired
  • Broken items or anything missing a cap
  • Almost empty containers

Try a run-through

Go through your morning routine step-by-step and pull out everything you use on a daily basis. Everything that is not used on a daily basis might want to live in the linen closet.

What else can live further away?  

How about overstock toiletries, less-used items (i.e.; spa items not used daily), extra makeup (i.e.; makeup used for special occasions)


What you use to containerize is important when we’re trying to maximize space. If you have a huge bottle of lotion, I would suggest decanting it into a smaller bottle so that it fits nicely in the medicine cabinet.

Do this with other oversized toiletries as well and you’ll be amazed at how much room you create.

Large category challenges

Oftentimes, a client will have a large category that needs storing (hair products are a fabulous example). When this happens, store like with like in an accessible spot like a decorative basket or over the door organizer. 

Maintain daily

When you use it, put it back and always try and keep things tidy for the next person that is going to use the space—even if it’s just yourself!

This simple act will improve your well-being and keep this space-efficient.

I’m also willing to bet that creating an organized bathroom that you love will improve your mood on a daily basis.


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