How Can Elisa Kits Break The Smoking Habit?

Have you been smoking regularly for years and thought of quitting it through various means and methods? Even though you have tried several alternatives like gums, patches, and a few therapy sessions, there is still a possibility that you will experience the same result. If you plan to get your nicotine levels checked after using the Elisa kits, you’ll be astonished to observe the standards of growing bacteria in your lungs. Moreover, you don’t have any other option to stop it from increasing other than by quitting smoking. 

If you’re accustomed to traditional options to quit nicotine intake, nothing will change. The bitter truth of this reality is that the number of years you have spent smoking is proportionate to the number of years you’d require to quit it. However, you don’t have to smoke for several years to acknowledge that such an activity does not help you and your body in any way. It just makes it worse for you to handle.

Have you ever given a thought as to how many sticks have you smoked daily? Ten, twenty, an entire pack? After realizing such a fact, just think of how much medication you will have to go under to recover from a smoking sickness. If you think about this with a different outlook, a $2 box of smokes can make you spend a fortune on medication.

Nicotine sticks usually contain around 1mg of total nicotine, which is high. Moreover, it can cause significant harm to you and your heart, lungs, brain receptors, joints, and blood. Also, nicotine happens to be an alkaloid that you can find in tobacco. But, once your body has experienced nicotine exposure, it will get worse with time. Some of the known experts around the globe measure the nicotine amount present in the body with the help of robust testing equipment like ELISA kits. 


Moreover, because of never-ending technological advancements, scientists have worked towards inventing NicVAX, which is a smoking vaccine. This specific vaccine can help the immune system to produce sturdy antibodies that can help in blocking nicotine from getting in contact with your body’s central nervous system.

Understandably, the habit of smoking has killed people in thousands all over the globe, and the number keeps rising each day. However, you don’t have to worry as it is not the end of it all. All you have to do is control your nicotine intake. Until and unless you follow a disciplined path, you can’t work in the direction of eliminating the habit of smoking from your life.

Visit your doctor at least once or twice in thirty days, and follow the precautionary measures religiously. These measures will ensure that your health condition does not get severe, and you do not end up experiencing illnesses and diseases’ harmful complications. However, refrain from self-diagnosing. Kits like Elisa’s are also available on the market today that can work wonders.

People who are used to smoking and nicotine intake generally suffer from harmful illnesses related to the brain and heart. But, if you utilize Elisa kits, you can track the amount of nicotine in your body and help recover from it. So, use the kit wisely and make the most of it.


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