7 Ways to Enjoy the Sunshine During Work

One of the joys of summer is the sunshine it brings. Even though most people are bound to a nine-to- five work schedule, there are ways to squeeze a bit of summer enjoyment out of your day by making simple changes in your daily routine.

In addition to gaining a bit of fresh air, exposure to sunlight increases serotonin in our bodies which helps mental health, provides much-needed Vitamin D, and can even help prevent some forms of cancer, as long as you’re wearing protective sunscreen to combat melanoma.

Here are a few habits you can incorporate into your day to enjoy the sun:

1. Eat your lunch outside. Step away from your desk and take your lunch outside, even if it’s for just fifteen minutes.

2. Walk your dog. If you work from home or have a pet-friendly office where you can bring your dog to work, go on a morning stroll. Always check the pavement temperature though for the sake of your furry friend’s paws.

3. Organize a group walk. Bring some of your coworkers with you on a short walk around the block or meet up with some friends who work close to you.

4. Reward yourself with a treat. Start a weekly routine to welcome in the weekend with a treat on Fridays. Whether you have a hankering for ice cream, a smoothie, or a healthy juice, just make sure you walk there get some heart-healthy exercise in.

5. Find an exercise group. A lot of groups meet up to exercise in the park and some personal trainers will take workouts outside too. Whether you love yoga or interval training, look for a class that meets right before or after work, or one that meets lunchtime.

6. Plan a meeting outside. Does your office have an outside area with a picnic table? Suggest to your coworkers that you move your meeting outside. Not only will you enjoy the benefits from the sun but so will your team.

7. Work outside. If you’ve got an ideal area close to you and a flexible office, take your reading or responding to email tasks outside. Bring a folding chair to make it easier to create a space to enjoy the sun.


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