7 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

A happy relationship fosters good mental and emotional health, and you don’t need to go out on expensive dates to enjoy quality time with your partner.

Keep these relaxed, fun and affordable stay at home date night ideas in mind. 

1) Surprise your partner with a themed meal

If you’re thinking about how to express your love, consider making a three course meal for your partner.

The meal doesn’t have to be elaborate in order to please. Consider choosing a theme to make the meal more special.

For example, if the theme is France, get a baguette and an assortment of cheeses; consider cooking fresh fish and vegetables as the entrée and sweet crepes for dessert.

To really set the mood, make sure to light candles to create a romantic atmosphere! 

Themes don’t have to center around cuisine or countries; you can also base your theme around decades, Holidays, or movies.

2) Reminisce together

Looking through photographs of significant memories and inspiring trips can facilitate some wonderful discussions about the journey you have been on as a couple.

You are bound to feel a bit misty-eyed as you reflect on all of the experiences you’ve shared.

This date night can be even more rewarding if you have kept any scrapbooks or memory boxes connected to your relationship. 

3) Watch movies

You can create a cozy, intimate movie theatre in your own living room with a good TV screen, delicious snacks, and a sofa to snuggle on.

If you’d like a longer date night, find an addictive movie trilogy or simply watch some of your favorite movies back to back.

4) Play games

Whether you love nerdy word games like Scrabble or fancy writhing around on a Twister mat, a games night encourages you to use your imagination and lets you enjoy some childlike fun.

It’s also worth looking into board games designed especially for couples, such as Yahtzee, Rummikub, and Boggle. 

5) Offer a relaxing massage

Nothing puts you in a romantic mood or helps the stress melt away quite like a wonderful massage.

You can either take turns giving each other a massage or focus on relaxing one of you (perhaps the more stressed one).

With low lighting, candles, mellow music and essential oils, this date will be better than most nights out. If neither of you knows how to give a massage, a quick online search can fix that! 

6) Do something creative together

Being creative can be one of the most rewarding ways to improve your life, and it’s good for relationships too.

You can try making music together, learning a new language at home together, or embarking on a craft project together.

The key is to find something that interests both of you and helps you to develop a fun new hobby or skill. 

7) Enjoy the great outdoors

Immersing yourself in nature is a great way to escape the stresses of your daily life, while getting closer with your significant other.

Consider stepping outside and having an outdoor picnic with your significant other while watching the sunset. 

Alternatively, you can enjoy dessert while star-gazing.

Have a tent? Consider camping in your back yard. 


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