5 Fun Activities For Grandparents And Grandkids

When grandkids and grandparents live together for quite some time, the generation gap starts to show up. This generation gap leads to boredom, but grandparents are always eager to know their grandkids better and spend quality time with them. It would be best if you didn’t forget that grandparents provide the perfect boost to their grandchildren’s health. If you are a grandparent, or you know a grandparent, we have five fun activities for grandparents and grandkids, check them out below.

Spark Their Creativity In The Backyard

Children are inquisitive and excited when it comes to playing with tools and showing their creativity. Often their parents might not have time to build new things with them in the backyard. That’s our number one generation bridging activity. Grandparents can take their grandchildren out in the yard and take some hardware tools and wood with them. Once everyone is out, you can ask the children what they want to build? Give them options like a birdhouse, or a house for your pet dog. If you have more experience in hardware, you can create a treehouse with them. All these activities will keep the kids happy, and you will be their hero without the cape. 

Once done with making something, if you have time and energy left, you can also get some paint and color the things that you made together. Remember that you don’t need to complete this activity in only one day that will be exhausting. Instead, ask your little partners that you will be doing a small fraction of work every day. If you prolong this activity, you and your grandkids will stay engaged for more time. 

Watch A Movie or Series With Them 

This activity is to be done with teenagers and grown-up grandkids. When was the last time you enjoyed instilling cinematography with your grandchildren? Probably it was back then when they were too young. Tell them to search for trending movies and web series that are worth watching. Teenagers are good at finding what to watch. Once you are on the same page, prepare the snacks, set up your couches, and dim the light. Now you can enjoy the movie or show for two to three hours. Do this every day at noon or night. In no time, you will see that you are also addicted to the new cinematic experience. 

Take Your Grandparents Down The Memory Lane

This activity is for all those grandkids who want to surprise their grandparents, every once in a while. No matter if you are staying in your hometown or somewhere else, the chances are that your grandparents might not have explored the city in a long while. Take them on a memory trip to the town in which they’ve spent most of their lives. 

If their arthritis or old-age don’t allow them to walk swiftly for a long time, take them on power scooters.It will allow them to roam throughout the town freely and without relying on anyone to take them on a brisk walk. Also, this will make them feel empowered and loved, improving their mental well-being. Ask your grandparents about their favorite cafe or restaurant and go there with them. Order a dish or beverage that they love, and enjoy some quality time with them. 

Inspire Them To Read

Nowadays, children don’t have a habit of reading. Things like video games, the internet, and career pressure are some add-on factors to the lack of reading. As a good grandparent, you need to change this scenario. Start a reading club with them, and ask them about their favorite books. Get two copies of that book, and then start a reading spree with them. Once you are done reading the novels, discuss the storyline with them. Ask for their opinion on what the writer is portraying, and if they like it or not. 

To make these sessions more fun, preheat the oven and put in cookie dough in it. Bake some cookies, and enjoy the literary time with sweet treats. This way, you will spend quality time with your grandchildren. At the same time, you will instill a reading habit in them, which is beneficial for their bright future. 

Organize A Cooking Session

For every grandparent who is looking to teach some culinary brilliance in their grandkids, they should organize a joint cooking session. Tell your grandchildren to come to the kitchen with all the help from their siblings they could get. 

Once in the kitchen, excite them by saying what you will be making today. After that, tell kids the full recipe of a particular dish, and the portion size. Assign them various tasks like fetching the raw materials, kneading the dough, filling the vessels with water, and plating the food. All this will keep them busy on a free day and instil some ethics to work in a kitchen. Once you have everything at hand, start cooking. To keep the children happy, you should instruct them to put a dish in an oven, or take out the plate, etcetera. 

Although you will have to stay extra alert while working with the grandkids, the overall activity will be very yielding for both of you. Once you are done cooking and eating, you can tell the kids to help you collect the dishes and wash them. Kids often enjoy frolicking with the tap and detergent. If you like this activity, you can set them up for the next week to make another traditional dish that you love, or a modern fusion they might devour.

The only downside in this activity is that you’ll have to be extra careful while your grandkids are in the kitchen. Other than that, you all will have a great time together.  


From reading sessions to active things like exploring the city, we mentioned the best possible things you can do with your grandchildren. If you are unable to conclude even after our thoughtful recommendations, go through our tips to select an activity for the day. 

You need to understand that your presence and interaction is significant and positive for your grandkids. 


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