12 Tips for Finding Your Inner Strength

Life can be hard. Every day we’re faced with challenges at work, at home and in our relationships.

No matter what, these negative situations will come up — they’re unavoidable. But what we can change is our reaction to them.

Our attitudes — good or bad — will dictate how these challenges play out.

Only you can decide if you’ll let these situations consume you or inspire you to change your course of action.

It takes inner strength to face these challenges head on and turn them into positive experiences.

That strength comes more naturally to some. They might have been encouraged as young children to stand up for what is right and to voice their opinions.

Others might have pushed their inner strength to the back burner after years of being too nice and only going with the flow.

Finding Inner Strength

To find your inner strength, you need to come to terms with who you are and learn how to value your unique contributions to the world. Take stock of your successes — no matter how small. Realizing you’ve made a positive impact on others around you will reaffirm your self-worth and build your confidence.

Trust your inner strength, and it will only grow and make you a stronger person on the outside too.

You’ll be able to stand up for yourself and face problems head on — and come out even stronger on the other side.The following tips will help you on your journey. 

1) Learn to accept yourself

A large part of finding your inner strength involves making peace with your own identity. Guilt and regret are two of the most substantial obstacles that you will face on the path to self-acceptance.

Instead of feeling entirely negative about past mistakes, try to forgive yourself and identify what you have learned. If you reflect on these lessons, you will see how they have subsequently improved your life in tangible ways. This knowledge will make it easier for you to accept (and move on from) the darker parts of your past. 

2) Only spend time with people who treat you the way you deserve

Finding inner strength also involves recognizing that you are valuable and deserve to be treated as such. When you are dealing with other people, do not accept fair-weather friends and instead focus your energy on those who are willing to give as much as they receive from you.

Stay away from people who are constantly negative, selfish, cruel and demanding, and spend time enjoying the company of people who are loving, supportive, creative and fun. 

3) Build your confidence

There are many different things that you can to improve your self-esteem. To start with, focus on your successes as proof of what you can accomplish, make an effort to try at least one new thing every week, and work to project confidence in social settings.

Most importantly, remember that no one is perfect. The things that you see as irritating flaws will often be seen by others as unique and endearing parts of who you are. 

4) Try using affirmations

Affirmations can help to boost your focus and improve your determination, aiding you in the quest to find greater reserves of inner strength.

For example, you might choose to repeat key phrases when you get up in the morning or before you go to bed at night.

Remind yourself that you are valuable, and that you believe in yourself. Some people find affirmations particularly effective when delivered while looking into a mirror. 

5) Do what you love

Focusing on your greatest passions can also help you to find your inner strength. Choose to be happy by spending your time on things that excite you and make you smile. Always remember to be grateful for everything you have, and revel in those gifts every day. 

6) Cultivate a positive attitude

When life is hard, try to figure out what lessons you can learn from this difficult situation.

Look for ways to solve your problems, and look for blessings in disguise. In addition, remember that part of having a positive attitude involves being generous and caring towards others.

Listen to people, try to help them with their struggles, and forgive them when they offer sincere apologies. 

7) Learn to relax

The day-to-day stress you carry around from work, raising a family and managing a household budget can begin to wear on you, chipping away at your inner strength.

Find a way to cut down on your stress, whether that is going for a run, meditating, taking a bath or enjoying your favorite book. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, learn to walk away or steal a moment for yourself to calm down.

When you prioritize relaxing, you’ll be a better you and be better able to handle whatever comes your way.

8) Volunteer in your community

It’s easy to get caught up in everything in our day-to-day lives and focus on the negatives.

But you can learn to appreciate what you have by helping those who have less. Spend a few hours at a soup kitchen or animal shelter once a month or find a local organization that will pair you with an underprivileged child.

Not only will you have a positive impact on your community, but these situations will allow you to clearly see just how lucky you are. And we can all benefit from some clarity every now and then.

9) Get a new hobby

When you’re constantly describing yourself by what you do, it can make you lose sight of who you are aside from a mom, an accountant or a dentist.

A new hobby can help you relax and reinvigorate your sense of self outside of home and work.

Whether you take up marathons, baking or quilting, you’ll have something to show for your efforts in addition to an outlet in which to relieve your everyday stress.

10) Find a sounding board

We all need someone who we can go to with our problems. It might be your partner, mom, best friend or a trusted therapist who is best at offering a fresh perspective.

No one should have to struggle with everything on their own. Having someone to listen to your problems, talk them out and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel will help you find your inner strength and feel more confident in your decisions.

11) Focus on long-term goals

It’s easy to feel defeated if you’re in a dead-end job or just broke off a long-term relationship. Temporary setbacks have a way of becoming all consuming. Instead of letting negative energy get to you, try to make yourself look at what you want to come next.

Make a goal sheet and set dates that you can circle on a calendar to help build your inner strength. For example: “If I’m not in a relationship by June 1, I will sign up for Match.com” or “Talk to boss about goals and seek advice on getting that promotion at review on May 15.”

12) Take a break from technology

While Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with old friends, it also cultivates a society of comparison. It’s easy to look at what others are doing and feel inadequate because you’re not at the same stage in life.

Just because you don’t have your dream job or dream house yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t get there. And remember, just as you only share your successes on social media, so does everyone else.

Everyone has their struggles, even if they have beautiful wedding photos or just bought a new car.


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