10 Quick Tips About Karaoke Microphones

Do you dream about grabbing a microphone and wowing everyone with your vocal skills? If you want to sing like a pro, the starting point is by getting a great mic. What should you look for in this essential tool? 

The following are 10 of the most important tips to bear in mind in this respect.

Lose the Cables

You probably picture a microphone with cable first of all, as this has typically been the most common type of mic used by all kinds of singers. Yet, there is no longer any need to run the risk of getting tangled up in wires. The latest Bluetooth mics let you perform with no cables getting in your way as you move around.

Choose the Best Model You Can Afford

The huge variety of different models around is reflected in the widely varying prices that you will find. From bargain mics to top of the range models, there is something for everyone, no matter what budget they have to play with. As with most products, getting the best model that you can afford is a smart move, as it will give you a better chance of choosing one that will give you years of great service.    

Hold It Right

You can probably easily picture your favourite singer and how they hold the microphone as they perform. Rather than simply copy them, you should try out a few different approaches at home. The key is in holding it at the right distance from your mouth and also at the right angle. Look to angle it down at about 30 degrees to get the perfect sound. 

Get Bluetooth Connectivity

The simplest way to get hooked up to your songs now is with a Bluetooth mic. This will let you connect to an app on your phone and easily choose the tracks, or to a karaoke machine. It is an ideal approach for getting a complete karaoke system that is highly practical and can be taken anywhere with you.  

Look for USB Compatibility

Another sensible option is to look for a microphone that gives you USB compatibility. In this case, it means that you can hook up to different devices and give you an enormous amount of flexibility to use it as you want to. Even if you don’t use this connection right away, it might suit you to have the option in the future. 

Get One with Recording Capability

You might not want to record your early efforts at karaoke singing, but there will probably come a time when this seems like a good idea. Choosing a mic that lets you record as you perform is a smart way of making sure that you get a model that suits you long into the future. Check this karaoke microphone article to see some of the latest options.  

Check the Maximum Distance

Not every mic works in the same way. Some will be restricted by the length of the cable, while others need to be at a certain distance from the hub to enjoy a Bluetooth connection. You should consider how you plan to use it, to see how important the maximum distance is to you.

Look at the Size and Weight

The size and weight of your microphone are important factors for a number of reasons. First of all, there is the question of whether you plan to take the mic away with you, to parties or other events. Then there is the matter of how comfortable it is to hold for long periods. Look for one that you think you will be able to easily handle. 

Choose One that Lasts a Long Time

If you choose a wireless mic then there will be a limit on how long it lasts before you need to recharge it or change the batteries. If you are going to use it at home then this may be a relatively minor annoyance. However, if you plan to take it to parties or use it outdoors then it is more important. The best move is to pick one that lets you carry on singing for longer.  

Look at the Durability and Warranty

Finally, everything that we have seen so far will allow you to sing to your heart’s content. But for how long? The durability of karaoke mics is now a simpler issue than ever before. As we have seen so far, if you choose a model that suits your needs then it can be something that adapts to your needs over a long time. A solidly-build microphone with a good warranty will give you extra confidence. 


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